The Megatorc is ready to meet the demands of many different businesses or industries of all sizes that rely on precise torques in their activities. The Megatorc is an excellent option for your company. Your goal is to provide satisfaction both in quality, reliability and safety of its products and services, the prices Acting practicing for over 10 years in the national acts with MEGATORC excels SCIENCE contributing to heavy industry. With "expertise" in industrial solutions, today has a Megatorc a difference in quality, service and efficiency in providing serviçoe reparo.Ao need and specify the products and services Megatorc, customers have a highly qualified team ready to solve the problems arising from the industrial market.




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Megatorc Inaugurates New Headquarters

Megatorc inaugurates new headquarters in Rio de Janeiro

Wind Projects From Brazil

The MEGATORC holds all the knowledge and experience to install wind turbines to any part of Brazil and America Latina.Mais delivery of 160 wind turbines in Brazil within the standards of quality required!




Av: Sinfrônio Brochado, 624
| Gr: 503/504.
Cep: 30640-000
| Barreiro | Belo Horizonte | MG 

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Some Customers

The Megatorc serves more than 2.400 large companies.